Author Nametesttest
Article Title Title
Abstract Abstract

Basic Supervision Client Information

Name test
Age test
Gender Male
Ethnicity test
Maritial Status Married
Number of Children test
Place of residence test
Number of sessions/treatments client received test
Modality used |
Reason for Initial Consultation test
Reason for Initial Consultation test

Additional Client Information

Developmental History/Family History text
Education, Healing Training, and Employment History text
Medical and/or Psychiatric History text
Emotional and Cognitive Development text
Personality and/or Characterological Functioning text
Behavioral Observations text
Energy Field Analysis text
Resources text

Case Study Presentation

How did you prepare yourself or your space before working with this client? pre1
What was the client's presenting problem and how might you describe it using the energy terms? pre2
What types of healing modalities or approaches did you use, and did you try some that were ineffective and others that seemed to work better? pre3
Did you work with other professionals while working with this client? pre4
How did the client's transference (the client's projections towards you) either positive or negative, influence the treatment? pre5
Were you aware of any of your own feelings, fantasies, or projections, (especially, countertransference) towards your client that may have influenced your work with this client? pre6
How did you work with this client? What was your process? Did you meet your client in person or was all your work done via distance healing? If distance, did you speak on the phone or did you communicate via email? Did you try different modalities or methods of connecting?
What did you learn from your work with this client? pre8
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