Healing Modalities

Energy Healing - Energy Healing is a general term used to describe a variety of healing modalities, such as Brennan Healing Science, Hands of Light Healing, Healing Touch, Therapeutic Touch, , Reiki, Spiritual Healing, Laying-on-of-Hands Healing,, Vortex Healing, DNA Healing, Theta Healing, Focused Prayer and many more. Visitors are encouraged to contact healers who use these modalities for further information about their particular techniques.

Animal Communication and Animal Healing - Some healers are able to connect directly with animals and understand some of their experiences, thoughts and emotions. Each person works a bit differently. Some work specifically with Animal Communication and others work specifically with Animal Healing, and some do both, but these are separate skills. After a communication session, you may notice a difference simply because the animal was able to communicate his or her needs and emotions.

Aromatherapy - Medical Aromatherapists have extensive training in the science, chemistry and application of essential oils, or plant extracts. Essential oils derive their therapeutic effects through the pharmacological properties of the volatile oils and their effects on the emotions. The use of essential oils has been the subject of thousands of recent studies and most have been extremely positive. Healers who work with essential oils can help you by recommending specific formulas and providing clear instructions for their use.

Coaching - This form of healing work is future-oriented and usually more directive than psychotherapy. Coaches specialize in a variety of areas, including life coaching, energy coaching, executive coaching, performance coaching and more. Coaches are pragmatic. They are concerned with helping you formulate and implement plans to effect changes and reach your goals--without reviewing your past as in therapy or counseling. Coaching emphasizes the solution rather than the problem, and it can be helpful to people in all walks of life.

Flower Essence Therapy - Flower Essence Practitioners work with the principle that all disease can be traced to negative emotional patterns and the vibrational frequencies of flower essences themselves will help the person discover, uncover and heal the negative belief systems that have helped create the disease. Flower essences are very gentle and can safely be used effectively with infants, animals and plants.

Hakomi - This is a form of therapy that uses experiments in mindfulness to help a person discover how present moment experience is organized from unconscious habits and beliefs, and then provides nourishing experiences that transform these images and beliefs in order to eliminate unnecessary suffering. Hakomi is also effective in many non-therapy situations involving human relations, from teaching to parenting, from customer service to hospice work.

Homeopathic Medicine - Homeopaths use a medical system that works with the belief that "like cures like." They employ a variety of plant, mineral and animal substances in extremely small doses to stimulate the body's own healing abilities. A homeopathic consultation can be quite extensive. You may be asked a lot of questions about your body, emotion and thoughts, and maybe even your dreams. A homeopath works with you to help find the right remedy. The process many take one session, or it may take many months and multiple remedies to find the right one for you.

Hypnosis/Guided Meditation - Some healers may use meditation or hypnotic techniques as well as visualizations to help teach you to both relax in the moment and use the same skills later. Healers may ask you to pay attention to your posture, environment or breathing, or to sharpen your mental concentration. Some healers may provide recordings of the sessions so you can practice moving into greater states of relaxation on your own. Hypnosis and guided imagery help move you into "non ordinary" states of reality, and are very powerful tools for working with anxiety, and can help uncover lingering patterns that you may not recognize in your "ordinary" state of consciousness.

Herbal Consultation - Herbalists work with fresh, dried and concentrated plants to help stimulate your body's natural healing responses. Herbalism is one of the oldest forms of healing. Through the proper use of single or combined herbs, herbalists help guide the body into various forms of healing. The process may include detoxification, rebuilding of minerals or tissue, or helping to heal specific problems such as physical or emotional illnesses. Herbs seem to be "safe" because they are "natural". However, since some herbs or combinations can have unanticipated side effects, it is always important to consult with a professional herbal practitioner.

Massage and Bodywork - Many healers use different forms of manual techniques. Some are based more along the lines of energy healing than others. One example of this is the massage taught at the Edgar Cayce School of Massage, that incorporates working with the energetic meridians of the endocrine system during the massage. Other forms of hands on energy healing include techniques taught at the Upledger Institute, such as Cranial Sacral Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, and other similar modalities.

Medical Consultation - Medical professionals today are becoming more aware and curious about complementary healing modalities because research has shown that most of their patients are using alternative healing as an adjunct to traditional Western medical treatment. Medical professionals that you find on this site are probably much more open to holistic, complementary and alternative treatments. Medical personnel may include physicians, psychiatrists, pharmacists, veterinarians, nurse practitioners, nurses and midwives, to name a few. Many medical professionals today have studied energy healing and are able to combine their skills with traditional medical practice.

Medical Intuition - Medical intuitives work by reading your energetic field and helping you understand the roots of physical, mental, emotional or spiritual problems. Some intuitives are able to use Energy Healing and others are most skilled at diagnosing. There are now schools and classes devoted to helping people learn the valuable skill of medical intuition.

Psychotherapy and Counseling - Many psychologists, social workers, counselors and marriage and family therapists provide their services by telephone or email, in addition to traditional counseling. Psychotherapy and counseling aim to help individuals, couples and families enhance their lives and their relationships. Psychotherapy may help improve emotional and mental functioning or reduce suffering from conditions such as depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress, addictive behaviors or serious medical issues. Focus is often on achieving insights based on past experiences and your responses to them, recognizing patterns that impact present-day functioning, and changing behaviors. Practitioners often work with energy, hypnosis and other methods that extend beyond verbal and written communication.

Shamanism - Shamans are healers who are able to journey into other dimensions and contact spiritual teachers to gain knowledge and understanding that will help you with your healing. Shamans travel into the Lower World (the land of power animals and "lost soul fragments"), the Middle World (which looks like this world, with some notable exceptions) and the Upper World (where they receive guidance and advice for their clients).

Spiritual Emergency - People who are looking specifically for a person trained in Spiritual Emergency may have read or heard about Stanislav and Christina Grof's work. The Grofs found that sometimes when we undergo intense personal changes that affect all areas of our lives, we may feel as if we are "going crazy" or exhibit signs of psychiatric illnesses. On these occasions, professionals who have been carefully trained in the energetics of spiritual emergency can sometimes be the lifesaver that is so desperately needed. When seeking out such a healer, it is imperative that you also have a thorough medical evaluation and ongoing medical supervision.

Traditional Chinese Medicine - TCM doctors have a philosophy that is quite different from that of most Western medical doctors. They do not treat a "symptom", rather they look for the underlying causes that may have led to the symptom. They use terms such as "qi" or "chi", which means "life energy", and "meridians", which are channels of energy within the body. TCM doctors may use acupuncture to balance energy flows and they may prescribe herbal formulas or dietary recommendations.