About us

ProfessionalHealers.org has been designed to help individuals locate Healers that match and meet their search criteria. Members who list themselves on this site share a passion for the promotion of Energy Healing worldwide. Healers on this site may practice many types of Alternative Healing and most have diverse educational, training and vocational experience.

Who We Are

ProfessionalHealers.org was founded on July 4, 2005 by Anna White Ferraraccio. The web site has continuously expanded with the intention of promoting healing modalities through advocacy, projects, and education. Today, ProfessionalHealers.org is working to connect healers, modalities, alternative therapies, research and organizations and is dedicated to exploring the greater nature of human existence, health and well being, and life beyond. ProfessionalHealers is a non funded project and is funded by the support of its members and supporters.

Our Mission

To provide a online directory and database of alternative healers and healing information. To promote the education, research, wisdom, and messages of healers around the world.